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Series 1 Episode 1: Getting Started

To a lot of people, social media consists of posting pictures of cats, today’s lunch, funny videos and memes on Facebook. But for business, it’s a cost-effective — and even free — way to engage with your customers and prospects, build your brand, and maybe even sell your products and services. And that’s just the beginning […]

Series 1 Episode 2: Selling On Facebook

Selling On Facebook   The point of having your business on Facebook is to sell stuff — your products and services, preferably, You also want to make connections with customers and prospects, and buld and strengthen your brand. There’s nothing wrong with posting other things on your business’s or professional practice’s Facebook page but that’s […]

Series 1 Episode 3: Customer Service on Facebook

It’s inevitable. When you put up a Facebook page for your business or professional practice, you’re gonna hear from people who love you – and from people who hate you. Or they’re already customers and have service or support issues and your normal channels just aren’t getting the job done. Perhaps your customer support has […]

Series 1 Episode 4: Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest

Let’s talk about Twitter. Some say it’s dying, it’s not important or that they just don’t understand it. Fair enough. When it started out, Twitter or tweeting was limited to 140 characters. Now, it’s still relatively limited but you can retweet other people’s stuff, include links and images and get around that limit. But what […]

Series 1 Episode 6: How To Do It

Show 6 How To Do it We’ve discussed Facebook, customer service, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and more in previous shows. Now let’s talk about putting it all together. First, you do have a website, right? If not, better get one going, pronto. If you need help, drop a note to to get started. But let’s assume […]

Book Review: I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works

 I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works. Nick Bilton. Crown Business. 304 pages. Toward the end of Nick Bilton’s stimulating and provocative book, he quotes the visionary science fiction author of Neuromancer, William Gibson: “The future is already here — it is just distributed unevenly,” and that’s about right. Some of us readily […]

Something From (Almost) Nothing

One of the slickest business moves is creating a new product and experiencing the birth of a market. Things that didn’t exist until a “need” was created: Deodorant. Cellphones. Viagra. Personal computers. But a more interesting phenomenon is when you take an item that already exists and turn it into something valuable. Frank Purdue’s started branding […]

What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

I’ve been to consumer and trade events both as an exhibitor and an attendee. The cost of attending one of these things — either way — is usually considerable. In addition to the price of admission, there’s travel, accommodations, food, and in the case of exhibitors, booths, literature, displays, power, lights, carpet, table, chairs, plus […]

Amazons Attack! is a​ very successful retailer. ​Though for years, their high stock prices were based on little more than hope, the company has been actually making money for a while. A lot of money. Here are a few reasons for their success: Easy to use. T​hough they tried to patent one-click ordering and were rejected, is pretty […]