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Series 1 Episode 1: Getting Started

To a lot of people, social media consists of posting pictures of cats, today’s lunch, funny videos and memes on Facebook.

But for business, it’s a cost-effective — and even free — way to engage with your customers and prospects, build your brand, and maybe even sell your products and services. And that’s just the beginning … once you establish a social media presence.

Depending on your business (medical practice, real estate brokerage, dry cleaner, repair shop or whatever YOU do) there are things each profession needs to do — and NOT do — and we can discuss those things down the road, but let’s get into the basics.

When I try to learn something new, I like to leverage “the power of ignorance.” Some of these things you may know about, some of these things you may be doing, and that’s fine but remember the old saying “you have to know the rules before you start breaking them,” so …

Let’s start with Facebook. Here’s what we’re going to talk about:

    • Why you need a dedicated page for your business, and not your personal page.
    • What to post and how often
    • What to never post:
    • Thinking visual: Broca’s area of the brain
    • What must your posts link to?

Why do you need a dedicated Facebook for your business? It’s almost a no-brainer. You share personal things — birthdays, political posts, pictures of your family — with people you actually know IRL (in real life). Unless you’re a sociopath, a narcissist, a Karadashian or an actual celebrity, your personal stuff should stay personal … for the most part. Of course there are exceptions, but before you break the rules, you’ve gotta follow ‘em!

The point is, your business and personal brands are two different things. Your business brand should be the one you’re promoting across social media — consistently — and it should be consistent with ALL your branding, social, web, print, packaging, stationery, business cards — everything. And if you’re not already doing that — creating a consistent brand identity — our friends here at Modent Marketing can help.

There are plenty of online articles about setting up your Facebook page and here’s a link to one with step-by-step instructions. Byt the best place to start is Click on the link on the upper right that says Create a Page and follow the steps.

It’s intuitive, fairly idiot-proof and FREE, so if you don’t already have a dedicated Facebook business page, you can get one going in almost no time at all. Be sure it has the name of your business clear and prominent and include your logo and other relevant images that communicate what you do for your clients. Make sure it’s client-focused and addresses that “what’s in it for me question” that customers and prospects want answered. Of course, make sure your accurate contact info is included along with other pertinent info and the url of your website. And, if course your website should link to your Facebook page!

You should post on Facebook at least once a day. If your business is open every day, post every day. Why? Ever hear of “top of mind awareness?” You can Google that term if you like, or check out this link. Basically, it means that you want your customers and prospects to think of you first … to be top of mind … when they need your product or service. Consistent posts on social media help you maintain your claim on their mental real estate so you’re the first one they think of, always. Makes sense, right?

What should you post? We’ll concentrate on regular posts that people who like your page will see on their time lines.

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Modern Marketing Series One

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