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What’s Your Elevator Pitch?


I’ve been to consumer and trade events both as an exhibitor and an attendee. The cost of attending one of these things — either way — is usually considerable. In addition to the price of admission, there’s travel, accommodations, food, and in the case of exhibitors, booths, literature, displays, power, lights, carpet, table, chairs, plus products and people.

Yet I’ve seen prospective clients stroll by an exhibit space, attracted by the flashing lights, a bikinied babe, or tons of powerful machinery. As they pause momentarily, the guy in the blazer behind the velvet rope has about 30 seconds to make his pitch before they move on.

But unless they can succinctly present their product in terms of benefits to the prospective customer, all that time and money was wasted.

The same is true when you have a job interview or are cold-calling a customer with a new product or service. If your pitch is too long, vague, complicated or dumb, you’re dead.

You need to boil things down to the point where if you’re riding on an elevator in a big building and a prospect steps in, you can state your case simply, effectively and persuasively.

What’s your elevator pitch? Do you have one?