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Series 1 Episode 2: Selling On Facebook

Selling On Facebook


The point of having your business on Facebook is to sell stuff — your products and services, preferably, You also want to make connections with customers and prospects, and buld and strengthen your brand.

There’s nothing wrong with posting other things on your business’s or professional practice’s Facebook page but that’s only a part of it.

But remember; you’re selling and everything that your Facebook fans see should answer their question, “What’s in it for me?”

It’s not even a matter of minutes — it’s fractions of seconds — if you don’t capture their attention, they’re gone.

So make sure whatever you’re posting on the Internet and on Facebook in particular,

It seems natural — and it is — but you gotta be careful. No one ever liked a Facebook page because they wanted to see a consistent stream of your ads on their timeline, no matter how cleverly they’re written or composed with cat videos or clever memes. In fact, you can’t even assume their motivation for liking your page and following you. Maybe they already own your product or use your service. Maybe they want to, or maybe they’re your competition. I’m sure you can think of plenty of possibilities. But that’s ok; no matter what their reason, you have their attention. What do you do with it?

Engage. Ask questions (for which you can provide the answer in a product or service offering, if possible). Inform: address a problem and offer a solution… “It’s rainy season. How are your wipers? Come in for a free wiper checkup and if needed, get new ones for 20% off” … that kind of thing.

Now you certainly CAN sell on Facebook. Post coupons for your Facebook followers. Have Flash Sales, post promo codes, tease new product or service announcements. Promote your team, educate on consumer issues, deal with community issues in a positive and non-political, non-controversial way, celebrate holidays… that sort of thing.

Avoid politics — unless politics is your business. Don’t be racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic or biased in any way. Even if you are engaged in any political or social activity, be careful about what you share.

No naughty pictures, videos, jokes or anything else of questionable taste.

Encourage your customers, friends and family to like your business page. Promote it in your place of business, in your marketing material and on your website. Link to it from the home page, the contact us page and anywhere else that makes sense.

Follow your competitors. Assume they’ll be following you.

Post your awards, honors, testimonials etc.

Ask question. Engage, Be human. Be real. Celebrate holidays.

Make sure your posts link to something; an offer, a landing page or just your contact page.

Use promo codes. Tease new products. Create a sense of urgency. Educate our customers about issues that concern them that are relevant to your business. Be community-oriented at every opportunity.

Just make sure that whatever you post, it’s something that’s of value to your customers.

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